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Fun Tips

  • Prevent Pile Ups

    Recycle junk mail the same day it arrives (both physical and electronic). Remove all address labels and drop every unwanted catalog, special offer or coupon immediately into a container for recycling. Take just a few minutes each morning and night to move junk emails to your spam folder. Junk mail is like unsolicited phone calls. Just hang up!

  • One Room At A Time

    Each month, choose ONE ROOM to walk through and ask the question, “Is there anything here I haven't touched, used or looked at in 2 years?” Then ask, “Who would benefit more by having this item?” Consider giving away, selling or donating all those things you no longer truly need. Imagine how much lighter you will feel by the end of the year!

  • The Bungee Method

    Do you forget to put things back after using them? Here's a fun and easy method to apply. Attach an imaginary Bungee Cord to one end of the item you plan to use, then attach the other end to the drawer or shelf you're grabbing the item from. As soon as you finish using it, feel the bungee cord “pulling” you back to the original spot where it belongs. ENJOY the magic of your clutter-free space when all your things are “bungeed” back into place.

  • Dial Down the Noise

    Visual noise can be as disruptive as loud music in a room. All the things on your kitchen counter, dresser, closets, floor or office desk can add to your sense of overwhelm and lack of focus. To dial down the visual noise, just like turning the dial of an old radio, simply clear any surface by putting things back in their chosen places. Select one room at a time and enjoy how quiet and serene you begin to feel.

  • Shop at Home Before Buying MORE

    Is your home busting at the seams with more stuff than you have room to store? One easy solution is to shop at home first. Check your pantry, refrigerator, closets and cabinets for the items on your shopping list before you head out the door or shop online. And for non-essentials, jot them onto a Wish List then wait 3 days to consider those purchases. Think of the money and space you'll save when you press pause on those impulse buys. Ka-ching!

  • Speed Challenge

    How much can you put away in one minute? (or 5 minutes?) Make this a fun challenge each day when you come home from work or shopping. For an added boost, ask your family to participate with you. Set a timer, put away as much as you can in one minute and meet back in the living room to list all the things you each returned to their chosen places. You'll be amazed how productive you become, how much lighter you feel and more efficient your home will be.